1959 Monarch Sceptre


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  1. Deb says:

    My dad has a 1959 Mercury 4 door sceptre cruiser, he is 83 and finally willing to part with it.
    It is black and intact, runs like a dream. I could send pictures if you like.
    We have no idea where to advertise, do you think you could help us out?
    Thank you for your site, I’ve been searching for months on this car.

    • Bill says:

      Hi Deb, I acquired my Sceptre in Battleford, SK where it had been sold new. Anyway I know of only one other in restored condition, and it lives in Enderby, B.C. They are the Canadian equivalent of the 1959 Mercury Park Lane. Obviously the Monarchs are very rare, but in terms of value pretty much follow the Park Lane. Sadly, there isn’t much of a premium over Mercury valuation for the Monarch.
      Most people don’t even know what a Monarch is, or about its unique history.
      Mine is a solid Condition #2 car which is about as good as it gets here in Canada. I recently had it appraised for my divorce and it came in at $21,000. I can give you a copy of the appraisal if you want.
      I would be happy to assist you in whatever you wish to do with the car. Let me know where you and/or the car are located and we can go from there.
      Please also send me some pictures and tell me about any trouble areas, whether the car is running, whether it can move under its own power, what condition the glass is in and so on. It’s also important to have as many of the trim pieces as possible, but I can tell you if anything’s missing. The worst enemy of these cars is rust. This will probably be evident in the floorboards or trunk floor if it’s going to be an issue and will seriously impact value. Old cars stored in rural areas for lengthy periods sometimes get invaded by mice who will chew up wiring and many other things.

      My address is: 25 – Brunswick Cres., St. Albert, AB, T8N 2K5
      Phone number: 780-418-5181
      e-mail address: mercomatic@telus.net

    • Carsten Blättel says:

      I have recently finished restoration of my Monarch II Lucerne from 1958.
      I am looking for other owners and might think of buying a 2-door version.

      If for sale, what is the price you are calling.

      Best regards from Munich


  2. Dean says:

    Simply stunning car, I’m jealous and what an excellent site! Gives me inspiration for my projects!
    I have recently bought a 59 Richelieu 4 door sedan with what I believe is a 383 4 BBL mated to a 3 speed multi-dive tranny. The VIN indicates the engine code is R2, am I correct on my engine assumption? Car was last plated in 1969, the body is in great shape and the car is pretty much complete but searching for parts has proven to be a challenge.
    I also picked up a 59 Lucerne 2 door hardtop with no engine but the VIN shows engine code Q2. I’m guessing this to have been a 312? I’ve scoured the internet but I can’t find any info on Monarch engine codes and the repair manual only has US model Merc’s.

  3. Dennis Pierachini says:

    What a great site!

  4. Mark says:

    Hi there – I’m considering a ’59 Lucerne but am concerned if there are any replacement parts – I’m guessing some parts may be interchangeable with other Mercurys?

    • Bill says:

      Hi Mark, All parts except trim pieces, grille, hubcaps, emblems etc. are interchangeable with ’59 Mercury. In your case with Monterey.
      Regards, Bill

  5. Roma says:

    Mercury 1957-1959 -best cars!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill says:

      Those were certainly the glory years for styling and performance, when Mercury pulled out all the stops to acquire credibility, prestige and market share. Unfortunately, the introduction of the 1957 cars coincided with a recession and public taste shifting to smaller, more economical cars. Sales of the full-size Merc continued to slide until 1963.

  6. John P. says:

    I’d like to thank and commend you for the considerable effort you’ve put into this informational treasure chest. I haven’t seen a singular resource on Mercury so comprehensive. I was born in ’53, the first car of Dad’s I remember was a 2 tone blue/white ’55 Olds Holiday Coupe. Pretty car. He bought a 2 dr ’59 Monterey next, Canton red/black top/grey int. The 312 was a real boat anchor, and the institutional grey interior was dull and boring, but the red/black exterior color combination really popped. The styling was unique (ahem), something I’ve come to appreciate much more with maturity. Very iconic American futurist design. His next car was a ’63 Grand Prix with a white interior, that car was much more to my taste in terms of styling and performance (My own first car was a ’64 GTO, I’ve driven muscle cars and sports cars all my life so you know where my tastes lie) but I’ve always been fond of the 57-59 Mercs for their unique qualities. I’m not a brand loyalist, but, for example, when it came to GM, I always favored Pontiac/Olds/Buick over Chevy (save for the Corvette), and Mercs were the Ford equivalent to my mind. Just something… more. When Dad was looking to trade up from the Monterey, I worked him hard to buy an ‘R’ code 427 63 1/2 Marauder, but it wasn’t offered with an automatic transmission and that was a deal-breaker for Dad. I quite like both the ’63 and ’64 bodies, and was struck to see your ’64 is a 4 speed car, I’m sure that’s very rare, especially so in a convertible. Once again, thanks so much for the dedication to the marque and your efforts here. I saved this site several days ago and am still pouring over it, article by article.

    • Bill says:

      Hi John, Thanks for your interest and kind words. This little project was something I had in the back of my mind to do once I retired, so I’m nibbling away as time permits. I’ve been slowly expanding both ways from 1957. Although I think the make has been under-appreciated for years, I’ve always been a huge Mercury fan and enjoy delving into the history. My dad was a Buick man so you can imagine the discussions we had at our house, not always good-natured. He bought a 1961 Comet new and complained from the day it came home. He sent the poor dealer on many a wild goose chase looking for problems that existed mostly in his imagination. The Comet was a nice little car but it wasn’t a Roadmaster which was what he really wanted. I remember in the mid-sixties I drove a 1960 Monterey and he had a 1963 Buick LeSabre. One deep winter night with the temperature well below freezing he had to go out but the Buick wouldn’t start. I said to take my car but he insisted it wouldn’t go either, without even trying. So I went out and she fired right up – he took it but wasn’t happy. Ah fathers and sons! Too bad about the R-Code Marauder – it would be priceless today! There’s a 1963 S-55 locally, with a 4-speed, but it’s a 390. Nice car though. We swapped out a tired 390 and C-6 in my 1964 for a 1969 429 with a T-5 standard, but the stick comes up in the wrong place to use an original standard shift plate. We fabricated a replacement but I don’t like it. Anyway, thanks for writing – I intend to carry on – I think 1960 is next. I wish I knew more about how to put brochures on the site in a more professional looking presentation. I guess I’ll have to learn Photo Shop. Warmest Regards, Bill

  7. Mike says:

    I’ve got a 59 monarch sceptre for sale
    It’s spent the past 35-40 years in a. Barn
    Seems fairly solid if anyone is interested

  8. bill says:

    i have a 59 lucerne 2 coupe for sale in calgary,factory salmon,pink,runs great needs interior work,but thats next ,if interested call me at 403-813-8398

    • Bill says:

      Can you forward your contact information, asking price, perhaps some pictures … If it’s on Kijiji or eBay can you provide a link? Good luck! Regards, Bill

  9. Ryan says:

    Awesome car. If you ever sell this lovely lady ( or see another for sale ) please let me know. Thank you, Ryan

    • Bill says:

      Hi Ryan, Thanks for your kind comments. I found her in northern Saskatchewan where she had been originally sold and spent her whole life. The body was and is laser straight so I was lucky there. Drive train is all original and didn’t need much to become operational. Interior had provided a home for several generations of mice so had to be gutted and redone. I’m aware of a few Sceptres around but all are rusted hulks. I know of a Lucerne 2-dr hardtop for sale in Calgary – needs work but is salvageable, and a Lucerne 4-dr sedan in British Columbia which the owner says has been fully restored.

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