1967 Mercury Marquis

This car is a real sweetheart – it may be the most reliable car I’ve ever owned; so much so I’ve used it as a daily driver on and off for several years. I wouldn’t hesitate to take it across the continent. It’s a genuine 428 cid “Q-Code” car, and a real pleasure to drive especially on the highway.

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  1. Garrett says:

    I think that used to be my car… Did it come from Prince Albert Sask.
    I was the second owner?
    I do miss it!
    I recognize the rubber pads between the seats to keep them from rubbing!

    • Bill says:

      Hi Garrett, That is indeed your car. I haven’t had to do much to it and still drive it regularly – it’s super reliable and I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere. It still gets lots of comments and admiring glances! Regards, Bill

      • Garrett says:

        Man, you sure did keep it up nicely… Looks like it found a good home. That makes me happy! Glad you are still enjoying it… and are still only the 3rd owner of a 48 year old car! That is cool!

  2. Leander Kreike says:


    I’m also the proud owner of a 1967 marquis. The only thing is that i live in the netherlands. I think i am the only one in the whole country. I am looking for parts. Can you help me.

    Greetings leander kreike

    • Bill says:

      Hi Leander, It must be interesting owning a completely unique car! I’ll bet you get lots of attention on the roads, but negotiating some of the tight spots in Holland with that huge car would be demanding. If you haven’t joined the International Mercury Owners Association, (IMOA), you should. You can find them at http://www.mercuryclub.com/. They have a “Classified” section and many advertisers specializing in old Mercury parts. I’ve also found eBay very helpful. Here in Canada I sometimes buy parts from Allan Willms in Saskatoon. Me’s at willms@SIAST.SK.CA. As well, Adrian Clements runs a 67 Mercury register and would likely love to hear from you. He no doubt has some contacts for parts. He’s at adrian.clements@me.com. Thanks for writing, and good luck with your Merc. Regards, Bill

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