Mercury Comet – Smartly Ahead of the Compact Crowd !!!

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  1. Chris Stebbing says:

    Hi, I own an Australian 1964 Ford Falcon Coupe which has the exact Instrument Panel Housing as the 1962-63 Ford Mercury Comet. The only difference is the Australian’s Housing is made out of plastic and the Mercury Comet’s is metal. I am trying to locate a metal one in good + condition to replace my plastic one. Do you have any suggestions where I might find one? I am searching online, (eBay etc.) but they don’t appear very often, if at all. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • Bill says:

      Hi Chris, Comet used the same instrument cluster housing 1960-63, so that might help expand your search, but I certainly know how difficult it can be to find old car parts when you need them! There are two Facebook Groups specializing in Mercury parts: “Mercury Comet, Ford Fairlane, Cars, Parts, Buy, Sell, and Trade” and “1960-1966 Ford Falcon, Mustang, & Comet cars & parts for sale trade” Try those. There are also Comet Car Clubs you can Google, who tend to be very helpful. Inquire with Jerry Robbin of “International Mercury Owners Association” who also have a FB page of the same name. Of the vendors, I find “The Lincoln Mercury Old Parts Store” the most helpful and accommodating. They’re at
      Good Luck!

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