I have enjoyed a life-long fascination with American cars, particularly Mercury and its Canadian relative, Monarch. I’m old enough to remember Turnpike Cruisers when they were new, but not the 118’s. The Merc is now scheduled to cease production after over 70 years and so will join Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Imperial, DeSoto, Thunderbird and of course Edsel in history’s graveyard. Perhaps this is as it should be -they all became pale shadows of what they once were..

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  1. Fred Wallace says:

    Hi . Great site you have.
    Have a low miles ( 58,000) 1959 Monarch Richelieu 2 door Hardtop. Real fun to drive, but thinking I should look at replacing the interior at some point. Do you have a source for this. It has a combination of vinyl and fabric. The vinyl I have found; the fabric is a very complex weave with gold and silver in it. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone else has one of these I would love to hear from them. Never seen another around here.

    • Bill says:

      Hi Fred, My apologies for not replying sooner. The 59’s are right up there among my favorite Monarchs & Mercurys. They had it all – looks, size, power, prestige, but hit the market just as Mercury was trying to promote an image of thrift! There are not many around today, especially a 2-door Cruiser, and you certainly won’t see one at every show & shine you attend – same for the 59 Mercurys. Model for model, upholstery for 59 Mercury and Monarch are the same. I deal with SMS Auto Fabrics. They’re a bit slow but quality is good. https://www.smsautofabrics.com/
      Send me some pictures and I’ll put them on the site. Where are you? Can’t remember the last time I saw a 59 Richelieu 2-door Cruiser. There’s a Lucerne in Calgary and a 60 Richelieu Cruiser in Quebec.
      Best Regards, Bill

  2. John Robinson says:

    I also have an interest in all things Meteor, Monarch and Frontenac. Is there a car club to support hobbyists for those marques?

    • Bill says:

      Hi John, Unfortunately I don’t know of any. As things progress I hope to add articles on these makes. The Frontenac is really rare, having been made only one year – 1960. There was one for sale recently in Ontario.

      • John Robinson says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I have the Perry Zavitz books “Monarch Meteor” and “Canadian Cars, 1946-1984”. Are there any other books on the subject? Thanks again!

  3. Don Little says:

    I share your enthusiasm for the Monarchs and Meteors.Have owned 2 1956 Monarch Richelieu models.The first in 1961-1964 was a black sport sedan.
    The second was a 1956 Richelieu convertible 2007-2009 yellow and black.
    Both great driving cars even after more than 40 years between them.

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