1959 Monarch Sceptre

1959 Monarch Sceptre 002

1959 Mercury Park Lane

1959 Monarch Sceptre

1959 Monarch Sceptre

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2 Responses to 1959 Monarch Sceptre 002

  1. Arne Nilsson says:

    is this one maybee for sale? Arne Nilsson 100%serious

  2. Stuart says:

    In 1969 I bought a 1959 Monarch Sceptre 2-door hardtop, black with a white roof. It had belonged to a doctor’s wife. The car didn’t have power windows but it did have power seats that would automatically move the seat back and down when the ignition was shut off for an easy exit. Before I sold it in 1971 the “Sceptre” emblem had fallen off the inside panel of the passenger door. I misplaced it and found it a few years later. I still have that emblem. I’ve always liked the ’59 Mercs and sure wished I had that car back. It rode like a dream and the 430 V8 moved it along quite well. Enjoyed your website.

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