The Big M – Mercury for 1956

1956 Mercury Door Panel

1956 Mercury Door Panel

1956 Mercury Door Panel

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6 Responses to 1956 Mercury Door Panel

  1. Nils Schneider says:

    Hi Bill,

    some Montclair door panels have vinyl in the lower third just like the one on your picture, others have a ribbed stainless panel on the bottom. Is this a production change? An option? Depending on body style? Thanks, Nils

    • Bill says:

      Hi Nils, Very good question! I have to admit I’d never noticed before and have never even heard it discussed. If I had to guess I would say I know Mercury embarked on a number of mid-year changes in 1956 – introduction of the 4-Door Phaeton hardtops, discontinuance of the 4-Door Sedan, a new Custom Convertible, some new engine refinements, and so on. Montclair interior updates likely happened then.
      Best Regards, Bill

  2. Jessica Ford says:

    I am looking for door panels for my husband 1956 mercury Montclair. Do you make them or can you point into the direction of when I can buy them?

  3. Bill says:

    Can you send more pictures of your work on 1956 doors and seat covers

    • Bill says:

      Hi Bill, I have lots of 1956 Mercury interior pictures. Different models have different designs; please tell me specifically what you want to see.
      Regards, Bill

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